Tango Show


Yesterday was my last day in Buenos Aires with my parents, so we decided to go a tango show to finish their trip.  The show was in a cafe called Café Tortoni, which is the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires, first opening in 1858.  It looks pretty plain from the outside, but the inside is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s in an Art Nouveau style with paintings and drawings everywhere on the marble walls.  There are for other small rooms, or salas (at least), where the tango shows are held.

Café Tortoni right before closing

Me inside Café Tortoni

The beautiful bar

The show was a bit touristy, but what do you expect from a famous tourist attraction like Café Tortoni?  There was a small trio consisting of a piano, double bass and a bandoneón, a relative of the accordion, with a singer and two dancers.  The band was really good, especially the bandoneón player.  The singer was decent, not great but not horrible.  But the dancers were exceptional.  Although what they danced was not traditional tango, as it was completely choreographed and themed, it was still a lot of fun to watch.

One of the salas where our show was held

Band and singer

Here’s a video of the end of the last song:


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