Lunfardo Word of the Day


Finally I am actually doing another post on this blog.  You probably thought I had gotten lazy and neglected it.  You’re right.  But I thought of all the 5 people who read what I write, and I knew I couldn’t let them down.

So, as promised to start just about a week ago, her is my Lunfardo Word of the Day.

Today’s word is: MORFAR

Morfar is a verb that means the exact same as comer, or to eat. As comida is the noun for food from comer, morfa is the lunfardo noun for food from morfar.

This is how you’d use it in a sentence:
Morfo todos los días en la casa de mi madre.
I eat everyday in my mother’s house.

¿Dónde está mi morfa? ¡Tengo hambre!
Where’s my food? I’m hungry!

There you go, your Lunfardo Word of the Day. And I promise that I’ll post one every day, or else it wouldn’t be of the Day.



One Response to “Lunfardo Word of the Day”

  1. 1 Roberto Díaz

    Very interesting word!

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