Lunfardo Word of the Day


Hola todos!  As promised, I have a Lunfardo Word of the Day today.

Today’s word is: QUILOMBO

Quilombo is a mess, disorder, chaos, etc.  Originally, quilombos were the brothels of Buenos Aires.  Also, quilombero/a is someone who makes a mess out of something, a troublemaker.  Quilombero/a can also be used as an adjective, as crazy or chaotic.

This is how you’d use them in sentences:
Después del terremoto, Port-au-Prince, Haití fue un quilombo.
After the earthquake, Port-au-Prince, Haiti was in complete chaos

Ese chabón es una quilombera; siempre pelea con otros.
That guy (another lunfardo word I’ll explain tomorrow)  is a troublemaker; he’s always fighting with others.

In the song Argentines sing when their fútbol team wins:
Vamos vamos Argentina,
Vamos vamos a ganar
Qué esta barra quilombera /   (because this crazy bar…)
No te deja, no te deja de alentar.

Chau.  Hasta tomorrow (as my host dad says every night after dinner)


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