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Sean the poet


Last night we had a poetry session with a man named Arturo, a friend of one of the professors in our program.  He read us a few poems by Neruda and Borges, and we analyzed them and discussed them as a group.  But the part that made all of us nervous was when he told […]

Todo empezó a las 14:30 en la Plaza de Mayo.  Estaba allá para sacar fotos.  El 24 de julio ocurrió un evento mundial que se llama “Worldwide Photo Walk”.  Más de 33.000 fotógrafos en muchas ciudades en el mundo se reunieron y caminaron por las calles en una ruta planeada sacando fotos.  En Buenos Aire, […]

through Monday.  Well, it’s not like you guys have actually been checking up on this blog much, or like I’ve actually written anything recently, but I thought I should at least say I won’t be here Friday through Monday. I’ll be going to Iguazú Falls on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.  I’ll post […]

Hola todos!  As promised, I have a Lunfardo Word of the Day today. Today’s word is: QUILOMBO Quilombo is a mess, disorder, chaos, etc.  Originally, quilombos were the brothels of Buenos Aires.  Also, quilombero/a is someone who makes a mess out of something, a troublemaker.  Quilombero/a can also be used as an adjective, as crazy […]

Finally I am actually doing another post on this blog.  You probably thought I had gotten lazy and neglected it.  You’re right.  But I thought of all the 5 people who read what I write, and I knew I couldn’t let them down. So, as promised to start just about a week ago, her is […]

Well, Argentina’s quarterfinals match against Germany is just under 12 hours away, and all of Buenos Aires is getting ready for it. Here’s a song that all of Argentina will sing when they beat Germany tomorrow 3-2 (my prediction). Lyrics: Vamos vamos Argentina Vamos vamos a ganar Que esta barra quilombera No te deja no […]

Tango Show


Yesterday was my last day in Buenos Aires with my parents, so we decided to go a tango show to finish their trip.  The show was in a cafe called Café Tortoni, which is the oldest cafe in Buenos Aires, first opening in 1858.  It looks pretty plain from the outside, but the inside is […]