Yesterday my family and I took a short day trip out to an estancia, or ranch, for a day to learn about the gauchos. When we arrived, we were greeted with fresh empanadas and local wines.  The owner, or dueño, of the estancia gave us a short tour of the estancia before he let us explore on our own.  We went horseback riding for a bit, then took a ride through the estancia on an old carriage.  Then we got kinda bored and just wandered around until lunch.

Wandering around the estancia

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a few days; I’ve just been really busy during the day and even more tired at night.  I promise I will have at least one thing posted tonight ok?  Te prometo.

Also, starting next week I’m going to be starting something new on this blog.  Every day, I will be posting a Lunfardo word of the day.  Just so you all know, Lunfardo is Argentine slang.

La Boca Barrio


Today I went to the barrio of La Boca, which is named so because it lies at the mouth, or boca, of the Riachuelo river.  It still has a strong European flavor, as many of its early settlers were from Genoa, Italy.

La Boca is known mainly as the home of the Boca Juniors, one of the most well-known football clubs in the world.  Its stadium, La Bombonera, lies at the heart of this barrio.  La Boca is a very popular tourist spot because of all of the colorful houses and the pedestrian street, Caminito, is lined with small booths selling overpriced crap crafts.

(Pictures after the jump)

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BsAs City Tour


Today I took a bus tour around the city with my family.  It was one of those hop-on/hop-off things, but we stayed on it for the whole route just to get an idea of the city as a whole.  Here are some pictures I took whilst on the open-top bus. (more pictures after the jump)

La Casa Rosada: the executive building

El Congreso: the congress building

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As you can probably guess by the title of this post, these are my first impressions of Buenos Aires

  • City:
    Not as clean as I had imagined.  There’s a lot of pollution and garbage laying around on the street.  It’s also incredibly loud.  There’s honking galore by thousands of taxis that pass by every five seconds and people yelling and sirens and more.  It reminds me a lot of New York.  I doubt all of Buenos Aires is like this, but because we decided to stay on one of the biggest streets in the city, I’m not surprised.
  • Meat:
    So far, the meat hasn’t lived up to its reputation.  Twice I’ve had bife de chorizo, supposedly the best cut of beef, but both times they were a bit tough and not that flavorful.  But I won’t jump to any conclusions until I’ve been to a real parilla and tried it.
  • Wine:
    I’ve only had one glass of wine since arriving, but it wasn’t that good.  It probably wasn’t a great wine, as it was included in my meal.
  • Apartment:
    The apartment I’m staying with my family is
    tiny.  My room is probably about 8ft x 8ft, but it has about a 12ft-high ceiling.  There’s also a really weird loft-like thing above my bed with stairs leading up where I’m assuming I put my clothes.

So I guess most of my impressions of the city so far have been negative, but I still have six more weeks to figure out this city.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow night.

First Post!


I’m in Buenos Aires!